Tangible AI


An informed discussion about AI requires an understanding of the technologies used.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that currently raises many hopes, but also fears. The abstract methods an AI uses to make decisions can be very different from normal human thinking and are difficult for many to grasp. In fact, many AI models represent a “black box” even for their developers, and the decisions, although apparently correct, are difficult to understand and verify.

Our Solution

Inclusive teaching approaches ensure the participation, understanding and benefits of AI for everyone.

The aim is to create an intuitive understanding of AI through experience and to make its possibilities and limitations tangible through interactive AI prototypes and demonstrators. Meaningful visualizations help to gain a look “into the AI ​​models”. At the same time, awareness-raising, analysis and solution processes should also be used to support the developers of AI solutions in integrating experience and explainability into their models and thus making them more transparent, robust and fair.


Various prototypes for “hands-on AI” are to be developed.

These are made available both on the premises of the ZEKI (Center for Tangible AI and Digitalization) and online. They convey the possibilities, but also the risks, of using AI, and thus serve to reduce fears of contact and provide the basis for an informed, conscious use of AI in everyday life.

The demonstrators are intended to encourage both AI users and developers to question AI decisions:

Why was this decision made and why not another?

When is the decision right and when is it wrong?

Can I trust the decision?

Is the decision fair?


The goal of explainability is the controlled and regulable design of AI.

To this end, the project is working on various methods and solutions for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) that can be used to better understand AI decisions and can be applied to a wide range of AI methods. The knowledge gained will be shown in workshops and courses, among other things, and prepared in appropriate accompanying materials.

Supporting materials:


  • XAI Method Cards (German) PDF
  • XAI Method Cards (English) PDF
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