Platform & Ecosystem

An ecosystem for common good-oriented AI

The goal of the go-KI project is to create an ecosystem for the simple and sustainable development of AI applications aimed at the common good. The real laboratory and the work on tangible and explainable AI serve the exchange between different stakeholders; the software stack, libraries and modeling tools enable rapid prototyping of new ideas; and the open API and directory services ensure the reusability of the developed applications.

Civic Coding & Innovation Platform

The go-KI project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS). By being embedded in the “Civic Coding” innovation network and the workshops held there, the project enjoys special proximity to the ideas that have been awarded and supported there, for example as part of the “Civic Innovation Platform” idea competitions. The project aims to bring stakeholders together and support developers of innovative AI applications. At the same time, it is expected to benefit and grow from their requirements and experiences.

Workshops at ZEKI

Daneben sollen auch eigene Workshops in den Räumen des ZEKI (Zentrum für erlebbare Künstliche Intelligenz und Digitalisierung) stattfinden, zu denen die Teilnehmer:innen von Civic Coding, aber auch anderen gemeinwohlorientierte Einrichtungen und Entrepreneure, eingeladen sind. Die geplanten Themen der Workshops umfassen u.a.:

  • Presentation of the ZEKI and the real laboratory
  • Opportunity for networking, exchange and cooperation
  • Analysis of project ideas and support in the implementation of the planned projects
  • Information, further training and tutorials on project topics

Further information about these workshops will be announced on this page in due course.

Project course: “My Chatbot” / “Conversation Assistance”

In addition to the workshops, a hands-on self-study course for developing your own chatbot is being developed as part of the project. A low-code approach ensures a low-threshold entry so that even people with little previous knowledge can take part and benefit from it. In this course, participants will learn how to implement a chatbot AI themselves and, in particular, develop an understanding of how this new technology works, its possibilities and limitations.

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