The Go-KI software stack is intended to enable easy development of AI applications.

The focus here is particularly on the simple configuration and networking of various applications as well as their interoperability and reusability for future projects. In this way, the go-KI software stack is intended to help you quickly move from idea to solution.

Our Solution

At its core, the go-KI software stack is based on an open API for common good AI applications.

Modern technologies and standards are combined to form a new software framework. This is complemented by various tools for modeling, development, deployment and monitoring of applications, as well as directory services for reusable components, data, models and services.

Architecture & runtime environment

By combining technologies such as RESTful microservices, container technologies and multi-agent systems...

The API (Application Programming Interface) is at the same time lightweight and language-independent and yet functional. The reference implementation of the platform has built-in security, traceability and explainability features that can be used in all applications developed for it. The API allows applications to be connected and executed in the cloud and on-premise.

Overall architecture, tools and runtime environment


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