AI Framework "OPACA"


The development of distributed systems is very complex and presents developers with numerous recurring tasks. In our AI framework "OPACA", we combine aspects of multi-agent systems with microservices and container technologies to simplify the development, deployment and linking of new types of applications. In addition to a standardized interface (API), the OPACA platform offers various basic functionalities that are automatically available to all applications developed with it.

XAI Method Cards

XAI Method Cards (Selection, Front and Back)

Information on methods for explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is usually only available in complicated and highly technical scientific papers. Reading and understanding these requires a certain level of prior experience and time. For this reason, we have developed profiles of well-known XAI methods, which present information such as possible uses, advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods in simple language. In addition, the XAI methods have labels that make it easier to select them. 

  • XAI Method Cards (German) PDF
  • XAI Method Cards (English) PDF

XAI Web Demo

Screenshot of "LaFAM" XAI Demo

Artificial intelligence often appears to be an opaque "black box" whose decisions are incomprehensible. Why did the AI make this decision? How "sure" was it? What would have been the next best answer? XAI can help here, for example by highlighting the areas of an image that led - or would have led - to a particular decision.

XAI Tutorial & Method-Finder

Screenshots of the XAI Method-Finder

There are a large number of different XAI methods. This oversupply makes it difficult to find a suitable XAI method that fits a specific use case and is also suitable for the respective target group. We have therefore created two tools to help with this. The XAI Tutorial offers a good introduction for newcomers to XAI to show the possibilities that XAI can offer for an AI application. The XAI Method Finder then helps everyone to find a suitable XAI solution for their specific use case.

Online course "My chatbot"

Screenshot of the Chatbot course

Ever since the emergence of large language models, everyone is talking about Chatbots, but for many they remain a mystery. In our interactive chatbot course, we playfully guide interested users through the theoretical and technical basics of chatbot development, guided by - of course - a chatbot!

Go-KI Paper Reading Group

Impressions from the first Meetup in February of 2024

Since the beginning of 2024, we have been organizing regular meetups in the form of a paper reading group at ZEKI (Center for Tangible Artificial Intelligence) in Berlin. We present various papers that are thematically related to the Go-KI project, from the latest findings in the field of (Explainable) Artificial Intelligence to new trends in software development. The meetings will be hybrid (on-site and via Zoom) and are open to all interested participants.


  • B. Acar et al., „OPACA: Toward an Open, Language- and Platform-Independent API for Containerized Agents,“ in IEEE Access, vol. 12, pp. 10012-10022, 2024, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2024.3353613.
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